Bound (1996)

Starring: Jennifer Tilly, Gina Gershon, Joe Pantoliano, Christopher Meloni

Directed by: Larry & Andy Wachowski

R. 107 mins.

Before they changed the way we see movies with their sci-fi blockbuster, The Matrix, The Wachowski brothers were up to no-good with this peculiar female-driven caper. Gershon plays Corky, an ex-con who happens to be renovating an apartment beside Violet (Tilly), the damaged lover of her mobster boyfriend, Caesar (Pantoliano). The two women begin an intense love affair and soon, Corky hatches a plan to escape with two million dollars and the love of her life. Bound is a stylish neo-noir with a lesbian twist that is shockingly good. It’s no Tarantino tongue-and-cheek but the acting is deliciously campy and the plot is packed with tension – * * * 


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