High Art (1998)

Starring: Ally Sheedy, Radha Mitchell, Patricia Clarkson, Gabriel Mann

Directed by: Lisa Cholodenko

R. 105 mins.

A strong character-driven drama with a script just as fascinating as the hazy cinematography. An editor of a photography magazine, Syd (Radha Mitchell)  has a mediocre relationship with her boyfriend. While investigating a leak in her apartment ceiling, she meets retired photographer, Lucy (Ally Sheedy) who lives with a former actress turned heroin addict, Greta (Patricia Clarkson). The curiously naive Syd soon becomes friends with the cultured and mysterious Lucy and their relationship turns into an affair that affects the lives of both women greatly. High Art is boosted by a talented cast and an unforgettable performance by the always underrated Clarkson. This queer film without all the tiresome cliches of the genre is a solid debut for Cholodenko who would eventually go on to make such classics as Laurel Canyon and most recently, The Kids Are Alright. Carefully crafted in it’s simplicity, High Art is a sensual and atmospheric look into the lives of some beautifully broken women * * * *


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