Better Than Chocolate (1999)

Starring: Wendy Crewson, Karyn Dwyer, Christina Cox, Anne-Marie Macdonald, Peter Outerbridge, Marya Delver

Directed by: Anne Wheeler

R. 101 mins

Cute and sexy, warm and loving – Better Than Chocolate is a poignant film with a charming cast. While leaving a gay nightclub, Maggie (Karyn Dwyer) is confronted by a group of skinheads but fortunately she is saved by the rebellious Kim (Christina Cox). Maggie has recently dropped out of law school but doesn’t want her family to know so when her mother, who is having difficulties with her husband, suddenly decides to come live with her for a while, Maggie is anxious to tell her family the truth. Just so happens that her mom and younger brother show up at her apartment while her relationship with Kim is blossoming into much more than friends and thus, the relentless “awkward moments” ensue. Unfortunately, cliches don’t suddenly become innovative just because the characters are gay so as lighthearted as this film is, it often feels like a ridiculous sitcom. Regardless, it’s clear the cast and crew had fun and  most audiences will too – * * *


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