Drumline (2002)

Starring: Nick Cannon, Orlando Jones, Leonard Roberts, Zoe Saldana, Jason Weaver, GQ

Directed by: Charles Stone III

PG-13. 118mins.

Beating to the tune of its own drum, the film is an exciting new take on the college B-movies of the past. Slick and entertaining from beginning to end, Drumline is worth a watch simply for the amazing musical sequences. Devon (Nick Cannon) is a Harlem drummer who earns a full scholarship to the fictional Atlanta A&T University. There, the school’s musical director, Dr. Lee (Orlando Jones), takes notice of his talent. Devon has an ego and he frequently butts heads with his director who’s slogan is “one band, one sound”. When a fellow band member learns that Devon can’t actually read music, he tries to get Devon off the drumline out of jealousy. Tensions flare and ultimately the guys realize that there is no “I” in Team. It’s a simple story but with a charismatic cast of up-and-comers, I pray it isn’t doomed to be replayed on MTV for all eternity because Drumline is pretty spectacular stuff – * * *


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