Spun (2003)

Starring: Jason Schwartzman, John Leguizamo, Brittany Murphy, Mena Suvari, Mickey Rourke, Patrick Fugit

Directed by: Jonas Åkerlund

R. 101mins.

Little substance and all style, Spun is the day-in-the-life of speed freaks that will make you want a cold shower right after the viewing. Eccentric, twisted and vulgar performances make this film a car crash that you just can’t look away from. Åkerlund uses his skills as a music video director to infuse this drug drama with manic edits and striking visuals. The “story” itself centers around Ross (Jason Schwartzman), who is desperately trying to score form his dealer, Spider Mike (John Leguizamo). Unfortunately, Spider Mike has somehow lost his stash and his girlfriend Cookie (Mena Suvari) is so frantic that she enlists the help of her friend, Nikki (Brittany Murphy). Turns out that Nikki, who is also a stripper, has a connection thanks to her “boyfriend”, The Cook (Mickey Rourke). Spun madly conveys the experience of being strung-out in a way unlike many other drug-related films. Sure, there isn’t much depth, but isn’t the trip exciting enough? – * * 1/2


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