Recount (2008)

Starring: Kevin Spacey, Tom Wilkinson, Laura Dern, Bob Balaban, Denis Leary, John Hurt, Ed Begley Jr.

Directed by: Jay Roach

R. 116 mins

A ‘talky’ and intelligent docu-drama detailing the controversial election of 2000 which came down to just one state: Florida. Kevin Spacey plays Al Gore’s former chief of staff who, after hearing that Florida residents believe they may have voted for the wrong person because of some faulty voting techniques, orders a recount in the hopes that his guy actually won. We all know the final result and many of us wonder how different things might have been without Bush and that is precisely why this film proves to be so frustrating and fascinating. Recount is engrossing as it shows audiences the mayhem behind the scenes and the major players who, under tremendous amounts of pressure, played a part in determining the future of the United States. While the film isn’t as accurate as a documentary would be, the performances are great and it’s easy to get emotionally invested in this tragic tale of things spiralling out of control. Recount is a painful reminder of what could have been and a warning that such things could very well happen once more – * * * 1/2


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