Bloomington (2010)

Starring: Sarah Stouffer, Allison McAtee, Katherine Ann McGregor

Directed by: Fernanda Cardoso

UR. 90 mins.

An intriguing indie feature that benefits greatly from the chemistry of the two leads. A young woman (Sarah Stouffer) discovers that her first love is not a young boy, but her psychology teacher – the mysterious and seductive Catherine (Allison McAtee). The dynamic between the two women is interesting to watch but the constant shifts in allegiances is quite frustrating and makes little sense in the end. Still, this film entertains and despite the directorial flaws and amateur script, it’s likeable in the same way any guilty pleasure might be. Bloomington is a worthy lesbian-themed story that deserves praise for trying something new, even if it doesn’t quite deliver any dramatic bite or narrative surprises – * * 


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