1173814_10153715136790311_115724965_nAn avid painter and photographer, Katie has always enjoyed getting creative. Her fondness for film grew stronger after working at a local movie store throughout high school. She spent hours and hours watching any movie she could get her hands on while continuing to add to her growing collection of VHS tapes. She will always cherish her time spent with the loyal customers of this tiny movie store – the last of a dying breed.

Katie is a graduate of the Film & Media program at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON. She has worked as a publicist and programmer for the Reelout Queer Film + Video Festival; before that, she worked for Queen’s TV as the Producer of the Sports segment and as an Editor and Videographer for Video Factory, a Queen’s TV service. 

Currently, Katie serves as the Short Program Coordinator and a member of the Selection Committee for the Milton Film Festival. She has been interviewed for newspapers and radio stations, attributing the festival’s success to the positive growth in her community and a sign of good things to come. Whether you’re simply browsing or trying to decide the ever-important “Movie Night” selection, she hopes to provide a varied selection of reviews from new releases to classics and all the guilty pleasures in between.


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